Aavegotchi, these virtual companions who can pay off big

You have probably not escaped the enthusiasm for decentralized finance. You may have recently discovered non-fungible tokens (NFTs). These are fascinating ecosystems, in full swing and full of promise. But what about the fusion of these concepts? This is the project of Aavegotchi, NFTs based on decentralized finance protocols, in Tamagotchi sauce. If this seems a bit complex to understand, rest assured I will explain all of this to you, and it’s really interesting!

The concept of Aavegotchi

Aavegotchi is a community project supported by a grant from the team of the Aave decentralized finance platform . To put it simply, these are digital ghosts (a sort of virtual Tamagotchis!), With attributes, accessories and especially Aave aTokens .

It is a community-based project (governance by a DAO), carried by the blockchain video game studio Pixelcraft . They now own the Aavegotchi brand and are responsible for its development and monitoring of the public roadmap.

Today, the studio has a great influence on the project in order to quickly develop the functionalities necessary for the launch. However, little by little, the DAO will take more and more importance, allowing everyone to have their say.

Autopsy of an Aavegotchi

Our ghost companions are therefore ways of extracting interest from our cryptocurrencies, but they are also playmates. Thus, we will be able to interact with them, like Tamagotchi (and more interesting!). The Aavegotchis therefore have different characteristics, which make them unique. Here is the list and the explanations of these different characteristics, the Aavegotchis being much more complex creatures than one might think.

Spiritual spirit

The mind of an Aavegotchi is the link between these NFTs and DeFi. It is also what allows their owners to obtain a profitability on these virtual companions. This is a quantity of aTokens linked to Aavegotchi. The longer you keep your Aavegotchi, the more profitable it will be. During a sale, the aTokens are also transferred to the new owner.

Technically, the non-fungible token is the operator of a deposit smart-contract intended to receive aTokens. These aTokens can be obtained through the Aave protocol, by loaning various Ethereum tokens to other users. Each aTokens generates an income, depending on the ROI of the token on loan (Dai, USDT, LINK, AAVE and many others).

If a ghost’s owner collects Bound aTokens, the Aavegotchi is destroyed.